Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moving platforms

Since in China internet is blocked for sites like blogger, I have moved to http://ladiga.tumblr.com and won't  post updates here...
Here are illustrations I did for Shanghai Fashion Week, Time Out Shanghai.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Please Vote for me @Art takes Paris! Thank u!

It's super easy - all u v to do is press the blue button "vote" THANK U SO MUCH! http://ladiga.see.me/atp2013 Voting open just for registered members, if u still want to vote, all u v to do is enter ur email, choose password and username, no need to upload photo or wait for conformation email. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

LA MODE OUTRÉ INTERVIEW and fashion illustration



Hi Baiba! How are things? You’re a fashion stylist & illustrator based in Shanghai, China, is that right?

Yep, but I do even more - I work as a freelance fashion stylist, illustrator, designer and art director. I have Master of Arts in Fashion Design, so I do fashion and accessories design - including shoes - as well.  Also I just started my jewelry line Good crystal. So I’m kind of unique as I do quite a few things (just because I easily get bored by doing one thing all the time!) but it’s all linked to fashion.

How do you feel about the fashion scene in Shanghai? I haven’t been for fashion just yet, but it’s quite an international city I think?

Huh, it definitely has a special style, Shanghai style – that means feminine, high heels, dressed up, bling-bling, pink-Ferrari, much different than the bohemian, arty vibe you see in Beijing. And there is a more local Shanghinese girls style - the girls can be a bit spoiled as the guys carry even a small LV purse for them. But that’s just mainstream, for sure there are many cool local Shanghainese girls I hang out with and they have good individual style and taste.

And still we have people wearing pajamas on the street or fashion stores. I really love it - I still smile every time I see some lady with crazy hair, like a sprayed hairdo wearing pajamas with high heels in Zara or a grandpa on a bike.  There is even a book about it called Planet Shanghai. It really feels sometimes like I live on another planet, haha!

But for sure Shanghai is very cosmopolitan, especially at the moment when there is crisis everywhere else but not here, so we have lot of foreign expats, it’s sort of Asia’s New York. There is Shanghai Fashion week as well, but it is not very well known yet internationally. Fashion magazines commercially are doing quite well here, and I would love to do more editorial styling, but it is a bit hard to get in as most of the magazines prefer to work with local editors, so that’s why it does look a bit local and not that creative still. Much different than the situation in Europe, where fashion magazines are interesting just because they have so many different international stylists, photographers working for them. I am big fan of the cosmopolitan: a mix of cultures and experiences, as staying local can be a trap.

And also we have a few very active street style photographers/bloggers as well!

And I think right now you’re pretty busy with work - what kind of projects are you involved in at the moment?

Yes, at the moment I am working on few projects at the same time. I’m doing art direction for the international fashion design student exhibition for the Shanghai International Fashion Education center (opening April 12th) so I’m organizing displays, but also selecting which designs would be suitable for the fashion shows and which ones for the exhibition. At the same time I’m doing styling for a photo exhibition showing mostly avant-garde pieces from the exhibition. As far as I know this is the first multicultural international fashion design exhibition held in Shanghai, so I am happy to take part in it’s organization.

I’m also working on fashion styling projects (both commercial and creative, print media and video) with a few international photographers and designers and in this case Shanghai is really unique place to be as I can work with so many international talents as they all gather here. And they all want my ideas! so I’m really happy for that and my mind at the moment is really full with ideas.

And of course I’m trying to do one fashion illustration per day at my blog: Daily Fashion Illustration.

With your illustration, how would you describe your style? And do you have any particular inspirations that helped you develop it that way?

My first fashion illustrations were published in magazine when I was 13, it was my first job. And then I stopped it for a while and did only fashion design and styling, but since I came to Shanghai, things changed as at the beginning I was a fashion design lecturer and it really developed my drawing skills and technique. So while I was preparing for classes I did hundreds of drawings and people started telling me that I am good and they would love to get my drawings. So I started doing it professionally. I would describe my style as edgy, cool and sometime mysterious. Most of the time I love skipping details and focus on few lines, color splashes, line and color is very important to me, so I love to use ink, watercolor and markers. I don’t like too much pencil rendering or Photoshop, a  fresh, sketchy effect is very important to me.

Also, I don’t’ draw smiling girls; my girls are cool, intelligent, tough, strong and sexy. Each of them has a story or secret.

Do you have any big plans for moving ahead, perhaps any big projects you want to complete or be involved in?

Oh yes, I dream big. Since childhood I knew and felt what it was to be excited – life is amazing and you can create so many things, just the time is the limit.

My first big thing is to publish my fashion illustration book I am working at the moment. I would love to do styling, costume design for some big production costume movie or theatre, as I love big production things. Also I have some other dreams regarding styling and fashion design, but I wont tell just yet!

And finally, is there a particular quote or saying that defines who you are and what you do?

I love the quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.
- Baiba Ladiga, portfolio at www.ladiga.com

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Illustrated Fashion capitals - Milan or My purple hair

Milan is a very special place to me. I did an Internship for lingerie company like 9 years ago, had lot's of fun and did many silly things with my super nice model friends. I coloured my hair by mistake in pure purple (before it was platinum blond and long so I got lot's of " Bella Bionda!" on a daily basis) and that time is was not such a hit as now. So I dressed all in purple with my purple hair  and went to Milan Fashion Week. Looking like this:

 Japanese fashion journalists loved me ( not so sure about the rest as Milan is not London, hah). I miss you Milano!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Illustrated Fashion capitals - Paris or why I am still not there.

Last year around this time I was actually planning to move from Shanghai to Paris. I even completed first level three month French classesAlliance française de Shanghai. I think I got 8 out of 10. Not bad after all. French counting is really annoying I got bored at that point already. It is out of any logic - 80 is quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties. 90 is even worth - you have to add to four -twenties dix or ten... Putain.. what a snobbish language it is. 
But I love my French friends and Paris hah. Who doesn't? But I am not sure I wanna live there. Not now.
Soo I am studying Chinese instead. Finally. After five years as my vacabullary sucks. Damn it is damn complicated. I mean both languages. I am quite sure I will never learn how to use them properly. 
My Japanese is way better, and my English, and Russian and Latvian and even my super poor Italian and German. 
So anyway, for a while I will stay in Paris of East - Shanghai and do my fashion my way. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

What a lovely day! Working on new BLING BLING!

Working on new BLING BLING! Here is the King and Queen @ Shanghai.

Friday Muslim Market @ Shanghai

Today I finally went to Friday Muslim Market. This  madness  takes place every Friday @Huxi Mosque Address No. 4, Lane 1328 Changde Lu, near Aomen Lu 常德路1328弄4号, 近澳 and it is just oou:)
 My bike got fixed and the man who did it told me to hide my camera or.. well it really feels less safe then normally...

 Cake and ghost
 My bike and master 
 This cake probably takes one year to bake and another one to finish, about 1m/1m
 I am vegetarian..
 Lunch babes
 Tiger or Leopard?
 Chicks and chicken
Huxi Mosque

I go nuts for nuts!!!

Well it is a place to see and feel here in Shanghai, total madness and craziness! And it is just 5 min bike ride from my new home. Love it!
Photo: Reiji Kobayashi and Baiba Ladiga 

EAT YOUR CRYSTAL! Sale this Sunday @ DAZ Shanghai

If you live in Shanghai, China come and join me at this event! I am going to sell my & Reiji Kobayashi designed BLING BLING - EAT YOUR CRYSTAL! 

The Forever Young Collective is proud to invite you to its 2nd F.Y.E.ST.A.
This Sunday January 27th from 4pm till 9pm @ DAZ.

Discover new Talents and designers, get professional style advises, browse art, clothes, food, wine and mingle with the funky crowd in this unique hair salon in Shanghai.
Our F.Y.E.ST.A. DJs Scott A. (UK)Mr.Assin (FR)Edamame (Morocco) - will also be spinning groovy tunes from 4pm onwards.

The first 30 people to join this event will receive a free gift pack filled with great discount vouchers and freebies from all our participants. Come early and get the chance to sign up for a free rejuvenating makeover with one of our professional hairstylists and make-up artist.
Sunday afternoon couldn't get any better in Shanghai!!

Forever Young Extravaganza of STyle & Art  ( F.Y.E.ST.A. )
Creative Market & Sunday afternoon party @ DAZ
B101 No.25, Jiashan Market, Lane 550, Shaanxi South Road
Former French Concession, Luwan Distric, Shanghai
请带我去陕西南路550弄 (近绍兴路)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shanghai street style fashion photographers are booming!

I love how passionate Asian street fashion photography bloggers can be! Last week I went to ParkLU market and met  a few new street bloggers so I have a few versions of me from that day. 
Royon is a super sweet guy who has taken photos of me a few times for the past year. He is very passionate about this hobby and his goal is to become Asia's Sartorialist. I wish him good luck with it as his site indeed looks professional and 
Me, my designed earrings and bike. Photo: http://royonthestreet.tumblr.com/

Just other nice pic from Victor Von of http://www.shanghaining.com/r/shjp.html . 

And here is a snap shot of my designed fringe/skull earrings done by Kim the owner of Parklu.com:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This is very inspiring - for any artist, well person!

I came up to this video on Facebook and it really made my day! Hope it inspires you as well!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Asia's creative network Ubies is on!

Finally  new Ubies.net site is on, and I am glad to be part of it,  please check it out!
Ubies.net have talented Art directors / grapher designs from Asia to build Asian creative network, and you can connect these talented people though Ubies directly. 
Ubies is still by invite only to maintain a high level of creative content.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am back to Shanghai and ready for new fashion projects!

 Yes, that's true and  yesterday I went to theINSIDER private sale shopping Event. Lot's of well known Shanghai brand's including multi-brand, cutting edge woman's fashion boutique The Villa where I had my team exhibition  last year. Some new brands/ shops showed up, but mostly they are online shops like Zooq. Smart and convenient  as I am going to open my jewellery store in collaboration with Japanese architect Reiji Kobayashi. Yesterday I was wearing one of my designed earrings and I got asked like almost at every store where these can be bought. Soon soon, but until then here are some pics form The Asian Sartorialist Royon from  Shanghai Express blog.
Just a pic of our Jewellery design I took this gloomy morning:
Some photos from event. This is lovely  French hat designer Marion  from The Hat Lab
 So it was really nice event and great sale sale sale:

Honk Kong Fashion week and Pop Art shows...

 So I was in Hong Kong for a couple of days and reasons and besides my business stuff I planned to see   Andy Warhol exhibition and Hong Kong Fashion Week. So here is what i saw. 
Andy Warhol exhibition @ The Hong Kong Museum of Art proved to me once again that Pop Art was way too commercial movement to consider as and Art form that moves your heart and leaves you truly speechless. I was BORED! All these Dollar icons, Merlin portraits and soup cans in popping colours we have seen way too much and often..
But don't get me wrong, maybe I just love Hong Kong colours and tones way better: 

And inspired by all those super nice colour and tone combinations I went to Hong Kong Fashion week that turned out more like a Fashion Fair and commercial brand show than Fashion Week we know by International standards so check before you go. 

It consist of two parts - HKTDC World Boutique  that is held concurrently with the Hong Kong Fashion Week.
I went to I.T show and it was OK. I wish styling would be better as I believe I.T. is one of the best multi brand fashion stores in Asia besides Lane Crawford.